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in Paul's Musings - 01 Dec, 2013
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#Forex +1200 gross pips this month using 5 min and news trades

November was an excellent month . We grossed over 1200 pips using our 5 min and news strategies.

Our results page is here : Forex Signal Services Results

and our MyFXbook page is here: MyFXBook Analysis

We are one of the only forex signal sites that actually post our results. MostĀ  just post some impossible to verify “growth” chart. The way I see it is , if you have a good system then why not post the proper results?

We currently trade usingĀ  5 min , 30 min and 4 hr charts . We also analyse the news events using NewsTrader Pro software, for trade setups just after news data has been released.

Myfxbook Analysis Pips for the month

Forex Signal Services Pip Chart

Forex Signal Services Pip Chart