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in Closed Trades - 28 Sep, 2012
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Long position taken off a bullish shark harmonic pattern. Close proximity to 200 DMA and a wolfe wave pattern We took 1/2 off the table + 28 pips and then let it run . Later in the evening moved stop loss up to 1.2880 and set TP to 1.30 looking for a run up. Market […]

in Closed Trades - 07 Sep, 2012
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Closed out half our our carry trades on eurchf this morning. +324 pips total Rumors that SNB may have raised the floor but unless they come out and say it then its just a rumor. What they did say was ” SNB says FX reserves riseĀ  linked to the EUR/CHF floor defense ” Anyway holding […]

in Paul's Musings - 04 Sep, 2012
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Here we can see the volumes for the EURUSD currency pair from August 2011 to August 2012 You can clearly see the holiday / low volume periods marked by the yellow areas. These are theĀ  times that you do not want to be trading as the lower volumes means that the markets are lacking in […]