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in Daily Signal - 07 Oct, 2011
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#EURUSD For Friday
EURUSD 1hour

EURUSD 1hour

Major ructions today in the markets thanks to the ecb and the Bank of England 75 Billion in quantative easing caused a bit of a twitch on the charts !

So for today look for longs of either pivot around 1.3380 or the rising support line below . We may even drop as far as Support 1.  If we get down there maybe watch for a break to the downside with the price action failing to break back above the 1.33 level. As usual use Candle Stick signals to get you in trade .

Also be aware that it is NFP day which is the Non Farm Payroll news annoucement from the US which can also make prices do some wacky things . So be careful with your trading today.