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in Daily Signal - 30 Sep, 2011
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#EURUSD For Friday
EURUSD 1hour

EURUSD 1hour

Looks like we have some nice support (A) and resistance (B) zones setup here and right now we are sitting pivot at 1.36. So for today look to get long from around the A area on a nice candlestick signal . Or short from here on a break and failure to break back above. Similarly at B look to get short onĀ  a candlestick signal. Where we are now at pivot wait for a break through here to go long.however wait for the price to break and then fail to get back below it (a sustained break).

On another note , as the website functionality is pretty much done now I can devote more time to trading and from this Monday I will be in the trading room everyday,trading on the pairs we monitor , offering tips and helping and guiding members on how to use the system and trade in general.

Have a good weekend and see you Monday.