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in Daily Signal - 25 Aug, 2011
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#EURUSD for Friday
EURUSD - Aug-26 0140 AM (1 hour)

EURUSD - Aug-26 0140 AM (1 hour)

It seems that 1.4460 – 1.4480 has been holding resistance last couple of days . So the call for today will be a short down from that area with the correct candlestick alert. Stop above 1.45. Right now we are hovering around support as shown on the chart , I sould consider a long from here if we drop down the rising trendline at B and fail to break it and have a nice candlestick alert. Longs from here though will require a larger stop though possibly below 1.4380.

Website will probably be up and down over the weekend as I continue updating it.